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Top 10 Social Media Listening Tools for Your Best Audience Insights

Social media listening tools give you the power to discover what your (current and future) customers really think about you. That’s something we’d all like to know, right? After all, research from SuperOffice shows that the number one reason customers ditch a company is because they think that company doesn’t care about them. But it’s…

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Top 12 Social Media Analytics Tools for 2018

social media analytics

These days, it’s not enough to have social media for your business. Whether you’re a small independent startup or a large national corporation, you need to be invested in social media analytics so that you can see what’s working for your marketing strategy and what isn’t. You need to determine which social media efforts are…

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15 Best Free and Paid BuzzSumo Alternatives

marketing computer

If your job, business, or brand depends on creating or promoting content, you are probably familiar with BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo has really created a name for itself in the marketing space; it’s an excellent tool for discovering what people are talking about on websites, blogs, and social media so that you can jump in on popular…

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