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What it’s like to be part of the BarkBox content team – An interview with SMSsummit speaker Stacie Grissom

Stacie Grissom, BarkBox

For the upcoming Social Media Strategies Summit in Chicago, I’m at work putting together a full speaker line-up of brand marketers coming to share their stories of how they’re packing a real punch with their social media and content strategy. One of these speakers is Stacie Grissom, the head of content at BarkBox: the company…

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6 tools to help enhance your social media creative

Let’s face it social media marketers, whether you like it or not, graphic design and videography have, one way or another, weaseled their way into our job descriptions. Whether it’s creating images for blog or social media posts, or creating high performing video ads and promos, you’ve probably found yourself needing to quickly draft up…

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7 Subject Line Styles to Boost Email Performance


When it comes to email marketing, the subject line is your chance at a great first impression. Within a few seconds of looking at a subject line, your subscriber will make a decision to either read or delete your content. Here are seven ways to write an email subject lines to boost email performance. 1….

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5 holiday campaigns that spread cheer!

Holiday Campaign

By now, the holiday seasons is in full swing and marketers are trying to reach their customers with promotions, new products, and end of the year sales. Holiday shopping is a big B2C opportunity for brands. Every business tries to take advantage of the increased demand and promotional efforts go through the roof. To spread…

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Why you should align Email and Social Marketing

Email and Social Media Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the highest driving channels for many brands to acquire and engage new customers. Thousands of dollars are invested in email marketing every day.It is obvious that as social media marketing grows, email marketing isn’t going anywhere. So, should marketers align social and email marketing to drive more engagement? In…

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How to create a conversational flow with your Chatbot


Chatbots are becoming a reality … we all know it and marketers are starting to take advantage of the technology to interact with customers. Nothing is quite like them and it changes the way that our brands talk to target audiences. They seem to be everywhere—on every platform. They create a sense of convenience and…

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The 9 Elements of a Successful Email

Startup Stock Photos

Strategy. Automation. Funnels. Copy. Visuals and programming. Open and Click Through Rates. Email marketing is a big topic with a lot of moving parts. To break down the process of email marketing and set your brand up for success at every step of the way, this is the first post of an email marketing series….

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A Tutorial On Creating Infographics For Non-Designers

In the fast-paced world of social media marketing, you may find yourself needing to wear many hats to get the job done. Graphic designer is often one of those hats. Maybe you need to have super awesome creative done by noon and don’t have time to wait for your design team to draft something up,…

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