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Top 22 Brands Killing It on Instagram

Top Brands on Instagram

Instagram has evolved from a photo-sharing site into a powerful social and commerce network with two billion monthly active users. While Instagram is no longer the new kid on the block, it’s still extremely popular. Instagram users spend an average of 30.6 minutes daily on the platform – more than on Facebook and Reddit. Instagram…

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Top Instagram Hacks and When to Use Them

instagram-hidden-features-you-should-be-using copy

In just over a decade, Instagram has transformed from a convenient way to share pictures of your lunch to a staple of many brands’ social media marketing strategies. That’s largely down to its reach and engagement. According to Pew Research Center, four in ten Americans are on Instagram. About three-fifths use the platform at least…

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10 of the Best Examples of Brands Using Instagram Reels

It’d be easy to dismiss Instagram Reels as a shameless TikTok clone. Whether it is or isn’t, that doesn’t change the fact that people like it. Since its launch in August 2020, search activity around Reels has caught and overtaken another of the platform’s video-based features, Instagram Stories: Image source Additionally, research from Whistle Wise…

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14 Tips That Will Help You Master Instagram Live

instagram live

Although Instagram is best known as a platform to share your most beautiful photographs, video is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the popular platform. Having launched Instagram Stories and IG Live back in 2016, the platform (and its users) are embracing both ephemeral and long-form video. If you don’t currently have a video…

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Instagram Reels 101: Everything Your Brand Needs to Know to Get Started

Instagram is the world’s fifth-largest social media site. What’s more, its parent company also owns three of the other four platforms to appear in the top five, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Only Google’s YouTube breaks the Zuckerberg-owned monopoly. Image source So you might think the team at Instagram would be pretty content with…

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The Ultimate Guide To Using Instagram Stories in Marketing

instagram stories marketing

Instagram Stories launched in 2016 as a response to Snapchat’s feature of disappearing content. Users quickly embraced the ephemeral nature of this feature, which took away concerns about posting too often on the highly curated platform. Since 2016, Instagram Stories has grown, with 500 million Instagram accounts using Instagram Stories every day. Both savvy brands…

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5 Best Practices for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories launched in 2016 as a response to Snapchat’s disappearing stories. And it worked: while Snapchat was once thought of as a threat to Instagram, the platform’s growth continues to accelerate. Since it’s launch, 250 million users have started sharing stories, and it is believed that this feature significantly contributed to the jump in…

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