WordPress (WP) is the most efficient and well-known website builder. There is no doubt that WP is the content management system of choice of many web developers and designers. Currently, WP is supporting more than 75 million sites on the Internet, and along with that are 44,000 plugins and extensions. Because of WordPress, a lot of people have been successful in their businesses.

What is great about WP is that you can always adjust or modify your website using tools and plugins. In this article, we will discuss some amazing tools and plugins that you can use to improve your website and achieve your business goals.


Must-Have WordPress Tools and Plugins That You Can Get For Free

1. Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free web analytics that you can install to your WP system in order for you to better understand the statistics of web traffic. Knowing your potential customers and meeting their needs is a great way to increase your site traffic. Thus, this is obviously a must-have plugin if you want to increase your customers.

This tool enables you to track a wide variety of real-time website statistics. Moreover, through the use of universal tracking, you can trace user views from different devices and platforms; you can also collect a wide range of interest and demographic reports.

This plugin can also be readily used for e-commerce purposes. Meaning, you can conveniently trace product demand patterns, order values, and conversion rates. This tool is also connected with Google Adsense; therefore, you can also get ad performance reports.

This plugin also highlights download count tracking, performance and event tracking, outbound link tracking, and user discovery reports.


2. Jetpack

This is an efficient tool created by the smart team behind the WP software. Installing Jetpack to your WordPress site should not be missed. As what its name suggests, it is packed with amazing features that can enhance your website.

Jetpack can positively impact your web performance, traffic, security, image optimization, and web design.

Jetpack has enhanced distribution that can automatically share your content to third-party services such as search engines, thereby increasing your traffic and reach. In addition, Jetpack also forms sitemaps that enable search engines to conveniently index your site.

Above all, it also boosts your site’s security by protecting your site from brute force attacks. It also tracks site downtime every 5 minutes and immediately alerts you to any issues.


3. Yoast SEO

Undoubtedly, search engines are the main traffic source of a particular website. Internet users who utilize search engines have been increasing in numbers each day, making search engine optimization (SEO) an important part of web development and maintenance. Yoast SEO is a powerful plugin that can make SEO tasks easy for WordPress users.

Yoast SEO is an efficient guide that can help you come up with excellent content and increase your SEO ranking. It allows you to produce SEO-friendly content that is beneficial to users. The aim here is to help users achieve a sustainable site ranking.

The plugin works by allowing users to select a focus keyword and naturally integrate this keyword in the article. This also features a page analysis, which indicates whether or not you have used the focus keyword in the meta description, headings, article body, and image alt tags. It also provides suggestions on how you can appropriately create the content and set up the images so that it can be usable and visible in search engines.

Moreover, it also helps users enhance the overall setup of the post or page on the search results; this also provides a snippet preview on the search results. If your headlines and meta description are interesting and catchy, this can certainly increase your site’s click-through rate. This plugin also helps create readable content, which means that site visitors and potential customers can easily understand the content you are displaying.


4. Google XML Sitemaps


Another beneficial SEO plugin that WordPress users must use is the Google XML Sitemaps. With this plugin, search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google can easily index your website through a specialized XML sitemap.

As the plugin is run, it will create automatically an XML sitemap for your website, thereby making indexing easy. A sitemap allows the search engine bots recognize the entire structure of your site and provide you efficient results.

The plugin sends signals to all main search engines whenever you publish content on your website.


5. Beaver Builder

Modifying or adjusting the design of your entire site does not have to be challenging or complicated at all. You don’t need programmers anymore if you have Beaver Builder installed on your WordPress site. It displays page layouts that are very responsive and are presented in columns. It also allows you to edit anything on your website. You can select the color scheme of your background or choose to display great photo or video as your background. This plugin can help you achieve almost any look you desire for your website, with lots of options to choose from. If you are searching for easy ways to improve your site, then consider Beaver Builder.


6. Envira Gallery

One of the best things to do to revamp your site is to modify the overall look of your gallery. Envira is a gallery plugin that is very responsive and user-friendly. You don’t even need to be a major techie to use it. It features a drag and drop gallery that you can quickly maneuver, and it gives you results that are unique and modern. Another great advantage of this plugin is its compatibility with any devices; your designs will remain as is regardless of what device you’re on. As a whole, Envira has you covered if you desire modern and responsive website designs in a matter of minutes



Using WordPress tools and plugins is a great way to conveniently manage your site. You may try installing one or more of these plugins, depending upon your needs and preferences.


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