If you’re still not convinced about how important video content is, then this article can change your mind. We will share some statistics that can encourage your business to take action on video content for social media.

Video content is the present and future of every social media strategy. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or who you are: video is a must! As each social media network is different, it’s important to review which types of videos work best for your selected platforms. To help you identify the best video for your networks and develop a successful video marketing plan, here’s a definite guide for using video in your social media strategy. Now let’s check those statistics:


52% of marketing professionals worldwide claim that video is the type of content with the best ROI.

There are many reasons why video has a better return on investment than any other content. In the first place, video is the most watched content on social media networks. As videos are shared more times than text posts, images, podcasts and links combined. Also, 89% of B2B marketers use video content and if you include video on your landing page, your CVR can increase by 80%.

With videos, you can obtain valuable information about your audience. By gaining data about your customers you can use those metrics to improve your strategy. Videos give you the opportunity to incorporate links, surveys, video descriptions, and a call-to-action. Incorporating a call-to-action means that you can potentially encourage your audience to make a purchase, share or download content and subscribe to your channel.

Another reason why video is the type of content with best ROI is that everything is measurable. By uploading your video on YouTube or Wistia, you can gain information from your customers to help you determine which videos are the most effective, viewed or shared. This will help you identify your customer behavior. Videos are also the most powerful shopping windows. As video increases purchase intent by 97%.

This video from YouTube Creators Academy explains paid tools from Google and YouTube to support video campaigns on and off the platform to gain the best ROI.


65% of video viewers watch at least two-thirds of a video

Each second matters since humans have short attention spans. We can confirm that only 20% of users read an article from start to finish. This means that with text content, you could lose 80% of your potential audience.

With videos, something similar happens. This is why you need to be strategic with video length. According to Wistia, videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement. This means that a 90 or 30-second video will hold viewers attention better than a 3-minute video. Here’s a chart by Wistia, showing the relation between the length of a video and engagement:

This means that you should keep your videos short and effective. This statistic explains why most of the calls-to-action appear at the beginning or in the middle of videos. Also, it explains why it is so important to communicate your key message at the very beginning to keep your users at the edge of their seats willing to watch more.


85% of Facebook Video Views happen with the sound off.

You should consider Facebook as part of your marketing video strategy. As videos in the news feed have notably increased. There’s no doubt that users appreciate the storytelling of a high standard video over text or images.

Most of Facebook views happen with the sound off because of a default setting on Facebook. Which means that all of your Facebook videos should incorporate subtitles and be uploaded at the highest quality possible. Nowadays video quality is not negotiable, as users will always prefer searching for the highest quality video content. The good thing about uploading your videos on Facebook is the autoplay feature. This means that as soon as a user is scrolling on the news feed and your video appears, it will start playing.


More than 500 million views are watched on YouTube every single day

Why should your business be on YouTube? If 500 million views per day didn’t convince you, then think about your potential customers. Users prefer watching a video instead of reading about your service or product. YouTube is a valuable asset in any marketing video strategy it’s the second biggest search engine online after Google. By developing videos that help customers, your business not only attracts users’ attention but also helps by building up a positive business image.

Youtube videos are easy to upload and easy to make. Also, everything is measurable. There are YouTube metrics that can help with defining which videos are more effective than others. You can even analyze audience behavior. There’s even an Audience Retention Report from which you can identify the videos with highest audience retention rates.

The following video from YouTube Creators Academy explains YouTube’s metrics and how to use them to benefit your marketing video strategy:


On Facebook, Live Videos are watched 3x longer and commented on 10x times more than videos that aren’t live

50% of marketers plan on using live video services on Facebook and they want to learn more about it! Live video is key in any marketing video strategy on Facebook. It is great opportunity to interact with your viewers in real time, as your followers receive a notification when you go live so that they can connect with you at the right time. You can even make customized Live Videos using tools like themes, effects, and filters. In this link, you can check out some video live tips from facebook to get started.


Instagram: predictions talk about an increase of 27 million users by 2020.

Image from Emarketer predicts that by 2019, Instagram will add 26.9 million users.

Having these numbers into account, there’s no doubt that video can be very effective on this platform. With 75% of Instagram users taking action after looking at an ad on the news feed, it’s clear that video is highly engaging on Instagram. This is why marketers are creating new conversations with users by developing Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories are very effective when it comes to 24-hour offers and showing behind the scenes material. Here are 5 killer tips for making successful Instagram videos.


82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter

Understanding the nature of Twitter is key to using it successfully. The Twitter network is based on microblogging and breaking news. It appeals to an audience that needs instant and last-minute news. The use of video on Twitter has increased over the years. Videos on Twitter are all about novelty, so make sure that all of your videos cover this key aspect.


 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others

Image from WordStream shows the rise of mobile video shares and plays.

Mobile video content is all about shareability. This is one of the most shareable forms of marketing content and is another clear reason why you should incorporate videos in your digital marketing plan. You should develop content that can trigger sharing on social media. For example, explainer videos can adapt to your mobile strategy and increase the level of shareability.

Wrapping Up:

The growth of digital marketing goes hand-in-hand with video content. Using video in its various forms is a crucial element in your social media strategy. It’s as clear as knowing that everybody loves watching a good video on any platform. Videos are a great opportunity to grab attention for your business and its products. So, analyze your different audiences, define your goals, select your social media networks strategically and get started!

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