Are you responsible for the copy for social media? Do you hit writer’s block, deal with spelling mistakes, grammar errors and need help with your social media posts?

Here are 15 writing tools for your social media!

#1: WriteRack

Always hit the 140 character limit on Twitter? Us too.

Sign up for WriteRack and put your entire long tweet into the tool. It then divides it up, numbers it, and posts all of your tweets at once. Twitter storm away!

#2: Slick Write

Like us and are the worst spellers?

Slick Write lets you copy and paste your social content and finds grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. You can also choose the level of editing you want to catch mistakes that are more complicated!


#3: Help.PlagTracker

Being Original and Unique is a problem we all face. There are lots of competition on social media!

Run all of your posts through the Help.PlagTracker website and make sure your brand stands out.


#4: Polish My Writing

Polish My Writing (also known as After the Deadline) is a great tool for grammar correction

You can use it to get style suggestions for your content.


#5 1Checker

1Checker is a FREE site that checks your grammar and spelling.

It offers a basic online checker as well as plugins for Word, Outlook, and your browser. 1Checker also provides document templates. (hooray!)


#6: Grammerly

It spells checks as you are typing. It works on all your social platforms while you are on your desktop and on the internet in general.


#7 ProofreadBot

ProofreadBot is perfect for switching up your vocabulary. Submit an error to the site to gain 2500 free words.


#8: Grammar Monster

Grammar Monster helps prevent mistakes. It is an educational site where you’ll find grammar and writing lessons, quizzes, grammar tips of the day. 

Who doesn’t need a brush up on their grammar!


#9: Spellchecker

As the name suggests, Spellchecker will quickly check your writing for spelling errors.


#10 Ninja Essays

Ninja Essays is an online content writing and editing platform that only hires professional writers to edit your content.

If you have content that really needs to be accurate, this is a dream! They’ll edit your content for big mistakes like missing concepts, wordiness, and confusing sentences, as well as small (but important) details like typos, spacing errors, and spelling errors.


#11: Papers Gear Editor

Papers Gear is a custom writing service that will edit all of your content!  You can hire an editing team to proofread and check grammar on your blog, articles, website copy, social media content, and anything else.


#12: Wordy

Wordy is a real-time editing service that edits your content in less than 20 minutes. If you are on a deadline crunch – this is the tool for you!

Just send your social content to the site and they’ll match you with an editor and get back to you.


#13: GrammarBase

With GrammarBase, you copy and paste your content into the checker and it will highlight all of the spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style errors. Bonus: you get suggestions on how to fix the problems!


#14: 300Editors

300Editors offers real-time editing and proofreading, while you watch! Think google docs for editing.

Just log in, send the work, and watch the edits happen. 


#15: Reedsy

Reedsy is a site that has a list of qualified editors, proofreaders, and writers that you can get in contact with. Share your content and get feedback from professionals!

Editing your own content is difficult but so important!

No one will trust your content (no matter how accurate) if you have a spelling mistake. You know what you are trying to say… get it across correctly with little to no effort!


Which tools do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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