LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses. It is geared toward professionals and connections on there are with your colleagues, potential clients, and people that are in your industry. But businesses are now starting to have a showcase page instead of a personal page. Here we are going to talk about the benefits of a showcase page and how you should be taking advantage!

What is a LinkedIn Showcase Page

Starting a Showcase page is like starting a highlight page for your brand. The pages work the same way but showcase pages are meant to bring attention to a specific part of your business. You can highlight a top product, a specific service, or a brand that is a part of your parent brand.

People follow a showcase page in the same way that people follow your Company page.

This is great if you offer a lot of different options at your brand. It also allows you to see who is coming to your page for a specific reason.

Heck, ya to segmenting your audience!

For example. Salesforce does a great job of using showcase pages to highlight the different areas of their service. You can find all of the showcase pages under the about us section on the company page.

Showcase area for Salesforce

Via Screenshot

But to break it down here are 5 key ways that showcase pages are different from your company page.

1. Larger image

The hero image at the top of a Showcase page is bigger and can show more about your product. This is a chance for you to show off your creative side. We love Adobe Creative Cloud Showcase Page.

2. You can advertise here!

It is a great opportunity for you to highlight your best content or a specific discount on that product. See what people really want from your business profiles.

3. Just focuses on that specific content

The Showcase page has no other tabs up top (career, products, service, etc.)

4. They link back to your business page

People never really leave your company! The Showcase page doesn’t include a sidebar either which means that people don’t have suggested competitive companies pop up. Never drive traffic to other companies from your Showcase page.

5.  You can highlight a LinkedIn group that is related to your showcase page.

Since there is a lot less information on your showcase page when you link a group it is very visible. So, if you have a focus group or want to get a better idea of what people are really interested in start and group and see what discussions get started. You never know what your followers will tell you.

What to Post and Not Post on a Showcase Page

Once you have started a Showcase page you want to think about the specific content that will be highlighted there.

Showcase pages work best if they are updated consistently (like any platform) with relevant and engaging content.

Content that works best is:

  • Product releases and announcements
  • New Company news
  • Upcoming events for followers
  • Blog posts that relate to your specific product

You have to be careful when posting on a showcase page because it is so specific. When you start to post general company information you will lose followers. Keep in mind that if you are small business this can increase your writing load. In order to create a consistent stream of content that is relevant to your showcase page followers can require different pieces of content on top of your general content.

If you have a specific product, service, or event that you want to highlight and has a bunch of content that is relevant to a target audience starting a showcase can benefit you more than a LinkedIn company page. Posting the right content for the right audience on a business platform when done correctly is the best way to grow your business and create a huge buzz for your brand!


Do you have reasons that you use a showcase page that we didn’t touch on? Share with us below! We would love to hear from you. 

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