The widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) tools by marketers wasn’t always a foregone conclusion.

As recently as January 2020, half of the respondents to an Advertiser Perceptions survey said they had no plans to use AI to support their marketing efforts.

Fast-forward to today and opinions have shifted. Organizations now use AI and machine learning (ML) software to streamline or improve marketing actions, from email to data analysis to content writing.

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However, adopting a new AI tool is rarely an overnight success, with 69% of marketers saying it took their organization 6+ months to implement AI or ML. Choose the wrong tool, and you’ve potentially wasted a ton of time and money.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up 24 of the top AI tools you can use right now, focusing on easily adoptable solutions for individual marketers looking to optimize their time and resources.

1. ChatGPT

Priced from: Free

First up is the tool that kick-started the AI copywriting gold rush: ChatGPT.

The free tool uses a dialogue-based format, making it possible for the AI to ask (and answer) multiple follow-up questions and even admit to its own mistakes.

ChatGPT can help with a vast range of copywriting tasks; it’s even capable of mimicking the style of your favorite writer. However, it’s not infallible: AI sometimes produces incorrect but plausible-sounding answers. And the way you phrase your questions can result in radically different responses.


Priced from: Free is an AI copywriting tool offering 90+ templates and solutions to streamline content production, covering everything from blogs to sales copy to social media posts.

Top features include a social media AI content generator, which uses contextual cues and tone-of-voice prompts to produce editable copy tailored to individual social platforms.

Over five million professionals and teams already use, including big names like eBay, Microsoft, and Nestle.

But it’s just as suitable for smaller teams and even individual marketers, with a free one-seat product tier that allows users to generate up to 2,000 words of copy per month. It also includes a free seven-day trial of’s Pro tier.

3. Jasper AI

Priced from: $49 per month

Jasper AI is an AI writing tool that helps marketers create original content faster. Over 70,000+ leading brands, agencies, and content creators use its tools, including Airbnb, Google, IBM, and Zillow.

Like other AI writing tools, Jasper has various applications, from social media posts to advertising copy to emails. It can even use descriptive prompts to create art or imagery at high resolutions and with no watermarks.

One of Jasper’s most exciting features is its ability to integrate with other AI tools. For instance, integrating Jasper with Surfer SEO allows you to generate optimized copy targeting the right keywords.

The platform offers an entry-level plan for individuals and small teams, priced from $49 monthly. It enables users to generate up to 50,000 words of copy per month and leverage 50+ AI templates. Jasper also offers a free five-day trial.


Priced from: Free is an AI tool that turns your content assets into engaging email newsletters. The caveat is that you need to be a Shopify user.

This user-friendly solution enables marketers to focus on creating content, from blogs to product pages to sales pages. then tracks your top-performing content, selects the most appropriate and engaging assets, and uses them to generate newsletters at a frequency that works for you automatically.

All the platform’s email templates, created by its in-house design team, can be supplemented with your logo, colors, and imagery.’s free product tier allows users to design and download newsletters, but you’ll need to upgrade to a paid level — priced from $2.50 per month — to send them to your email marketing list.

5. SmartWriter

Priced from: $49 per month

SmartWriter is an AI writing tool that helps marketers craft personalized cold emails at scale. That’s extremely valuable, with research revealing that:

  • Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.
  • Marketers have seen a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

The platform offers various use cases, including LinkedIn outreach, lead enrichment, and SEO backlink outreach. The link-building feature leverages an AI engine to read your latest blog post, figure out the context and use it to craft a personalized backlink request email.

SmartSwriter’s entry-level tier offers complete access to all the platform’s AI tools, including its AI email generator.

6. Grammarly

Priced from: Free

Grammarly is one of the best-known AI writing tools.

Unlike platforms like and Jasper, Grammarly doesn’t write the content for you. Instead, it uses a combination of AI, machine learning, and human expertise to correct issues with your copy, polish tough-to-read sentences, and help your team write with a unified tone of voice.

The tool integrates with over 500,000 apps and websites, allowing you to access writing tips wherever you need them — from your Gmail inbox to your social media accounts. It also offers advanced writing support within Google Docs.

Grammarly is free for individuals, offering basic writing suggestions and tone detection. Upgrade to its Premium or Business plans for more advanced functionality, including complete sentence rewrites and tone suggestions.

7. Surfer SEO

Priced from: $49 per month

Surfer SEO is an AI copywriting tool that lets users create AI-generated article outlines in seconds by simply choosing a target keyword and choosing from a wide selection of relevant headings and paragraphs.

One of its best writing features is the built-in content editor, which gives writers real-time optimization feedback on their copy. Scrolling through the list of auto-generated NLP keywords lets you quickly identify terms and topic areas you’ve missed and understand how your content stacks up against the competition.

Surfer integrates with various writing platforms, including Google Docs, Jasper, and WordPress.

The tool’s entry-level plan — designed for small business owners, bloggers, and hobbyists — lets users create and optimize up to 120 articles annually.

8. MarketMuse

Priced from: Free

MarketMuse is an AI content planning tool that helps marketers make data-backed content strategy and optimization decisions.

The platform includes topic cluster and analysis features that highlight the subjects and themes you should discuss, their value to your organization, and how difficult it will be to rank for your target terms.

Having identified topics and specific keywords, MarketMuse enables you to create detailed content briefs that incorporate article structure, user questions, and relevant links to include. It also offers real-time feedback on writing quality, ensuring you only publish high-quality, well-optimized content.

MarketMuse is free for a single user, allowing them to input five monthly queries across ten projects.

9. InstaText

Priced from: $11.99 per user per month

InstaText is an AI-powered writing assistant and editing tool that helps writers create more readable and easily understandable copy.

The platform is designed to help users write like native speakers, regardless of their writing abilities. It uses AI and language technologies to improve the standard of English writing automatically and provides recommendations and ideas on how users can improve their content.

Users can access the copy-and-paste InstaText editor within their browser or install the browser extension to use it in Google Docs, Gmail, and various other apps.

Individual users can choose InstaText’s entry-level package to access grammar, punctuation, spelling tips, and more complex guidance on styling, word choice, and more.

10. DeepL

Priced from: Free

Do you create content in multiple languages? DeepL could be the AI tool of your dreams.

The platform describes itself as the “world’s most accurate translator.” Rather than translating chunks of text word-for-word, it aims to convey the real meaning of translated sentences and passages — even dealing with challenging issues like industry-specific jargon.

External translators compared the quality of DeepL’s translations to the likes of Google and Amazon, rating it as over 3X more accurate than its nearest competitors.

DeepL offers a free plan that allows users to carry out three non-editable file translations a month for uploaded files of up to 5 MB. Alternatively, you can try its Starter and Advanced plans free of charge for 30 days.

11. Headlime

Priced from: $59 per month

Headlime is an AI copywriting tool powered by GPT-3 technology capable of producing flawless copy based on a prompt of just 100 characters.

However, Headline isn’t just an AI copywriter. It offers a suite of other functionality, including an AI-powered content editor that completes your sentences or suggests the following line of copy when you’re hit by writer’s block mid-blog.

The platform’s tools work in almost a dozen languages, including English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Headlime doesn’t offer an entirely free product tier. Its cheapest package, priced at $59 per month, gives users 1,500 monthly credits — roughly equivalent to 25 blog posts or 75 landing pages.

12. Browse AI

Priced from: Free

Browse AI is slightly different from the other tools on this list. Rather than directly supporting the writing process, it helps you gather intelligence on your biggest competitors, allowing you to monitor products, trends, and new developments in your industry — without doing all the leg work yourself.

Users can train a Browse AI bot to examine a particular website for a specific type of data, then add it to a spreadsheet for your analyzing pleasure. For instance, you might ask the platform to extract information on job listings from LinkedIn, gather search results for plugins on, or download Amazon US search results.

Users can access 100 credits per month free of charge for life. Each credit allows you to extract ten rows of data from a page or capture a screenshot. If you need more credits, sign up for a paid plan priced from $39 per month.

13. Google Bard

Priced from: Free

Bard is essentially Google’s alternative to ChatGPT, capable of answering questions, crafting content based on user prompts, and writing code. However, rather than leveraging the GPT language model (like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and various other tools), Google opted to use its own models: LaMDA and PaLM 2.

As with any generative AI platform, Bard isn’t infallible. Google currently describes it as “experimental” and advises users to double-check information included in responses.

So, where does that information come from? Well, unlike the early versions of ChatGPT, it’s all sourced directly from the internet, meaning it’s up to date. Although Bard strives to create original content, it cites pages from which it quotes at length and links directly to the source of any images used in its responses.

14. Microsoft Copilot

Priced from: $30 per user per month for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium customers

Copilot is Microsoft’s artificial intelligence assistant feature for Microsoft 365 applications and services.

Microsoft stresses that it’s “more than OpenAI’s ChatGPT embedded into Microsoft 365.” Rather, it combines large language models (including the latest GPT) with Microsoft 365 apps and the user’s business data through the Microsoft Graph, enabling Copilot to generate more accurate, helpful, and contextual responses.

The tool is integrated into all the Microsoft 365 apps you know, including Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word. It can work across multiple apps, such as transforming a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation. And as it learns about new platforms and processes, CoPilot will be able to handle ever-more complex tasks and queries.

15. Synthesia

Priced from: $30 per month

Given that one in three marketers who don’t use video say they lack time to capture video content, it’s easy to understand the popularity of platforms like Synthesia, a synthetic media generation platform for creating AI-generated video content.

Synthesia claims to be the world’s #1-rated AI video creation platform, used by 50,000+ teams to create videos at scale while saving up to 80% of their time and budget.

Customers can transform textual scripts into high-quality videos presented by AI avatars and voiceovers, with support for more than 120 languages. Marketers can share videos on social media, download them, or embed them on websites.

The platform even provides dozens of pre-made templates, allowing users to create impactful video content in minutes.

16. DALL-E 2

Priced from: Free

DALL-E 2 (and its predecessor, DALL-E) is an AI system capable of transforming natural language descriptions into imagery and art. It was created by OpenAI, the people who also brought us ChatGPT.

The original DALL-E launched in January 2021 and was followed a year later by DALL-E 2, which produces more realistic results with four times the resolution.

DALL-E 2 has plenty of limitations (for instance, it struggles to parse prompts containing more than three objects correctly). And its legality is also unclear, with concerns that the tool has been trained on works created by human artists who didn’t consent to their involvement.

Still, it’s undeniably impressive and currently totally free.

17. Stable Diffusion

Priced from: Free

Stable Diffusion is an AI text-to-image generator that creates photo-realistic imagery from any text input.

In other words, it’s a lot like DALL-E. However, whereas DALL-E is only available through OpenAI or its API, Stable Diffusion is based on multiple open-source models. Practically speaking, you can download the latest version to your device and feed it with your own data, helping you personalize the results to your specific needs.

Despite the differences between the two platforms, Stable Diffusion shares many of DALL-E’s flaws, including the inability to generate legible text:

Image source

But like DALL-E, it’s currently free to use and produces results in just a few seconds, so it’s helpful if you need to create bespoke imagery in a hurry.

18. AudioCraft

Priced from: Free

What ChatGPT does for written content, and DALL-E does for imagery, AudioCraft does for — you guessed it — audio and music. Created by Meta, the tool combines three models and can generate music, environmental sounds, and sound effects (like a dog barking or footsteps on a wooden floor).

Meta describes AudioCraft as “a new type of instrument — just like synthesizers when they first appeared” and says it’s designed for musicians and sound designers.

However, it’s aware of the marketing benefits of a generative audio platform, describing a scenario in which a small business owner uses AudioCraft to add a unique soundtrack to their latest Instagram video ad.

19. Lumen5

Priced from: $19 per month

Lumen5 is an AI-powered video generation platform that allows anyone to craft high-quality video content in minutes without requiring technical skills. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor and customizable templates, Lumen5 says it makes the video creation process simpler than building a slide deck.

One of the platform’s most exciting features is its ability to repurpose existing assets into polished, marketing-friendly content, such as transforming blog posts into videos or cutting and slicing video meetings into engaging clips.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses across a wide range of industries — including big names like Cisco, KPMG, and Salesforce — have used the tool to create more than 10 million videos.

20. Cohere Generate

Priced from: Free

Cohere Generate is an AI text-generation tool based on state-of-the-art, accurate language models.

The platform supports specific business-related tasks, such as creating unique copy for emails, landing pages, and product descriptions at scale.

For instance, users can instruct it to generate ad copy examples for a specific product or service based on the attention – interest – desire – action framework or write a blog post based on nothing more than a topic and a prompt. Or an e-commerce business can command it to produce unique, on-brand product descriptions for thousands of SKUs.

21. Rephrase


Priced from: $25 per month

You’d assume Rephrase is an AI writing tool from its name, but it’s another text-to-video platform, just like Synthesia.

Users can create videos in just three steps: choose a digital avatar to front your video, enter your messaging, and render the video. Or you can enter a blog post URL, and the platform will turn it into a video for you. Given its simplicity, it’s easy to see why over 15,000 businesses have adopted Rephrase, including Castrol, Johnson & Johnson, and PwC.

Rephrase features a free video builder that allows you to test some of its functionality, but if you want to unlock the whole experience, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan.

22. Murf

Priced from: Free

You’ve used an AI-powered video creation platform like Rephrase or Synthesia to produce your latest product explainer video ad and Meta’s AudioCraft to generate a unique soundtrack.

But what about adding a voiceover?

That’s where Murf comes in. It’s an AI voice generator that lets you create studio-quality, lifelike voiceovers for presentations, podcasts, videos, and more in minutes.

Users can control how their voiceover sounds by adding pauses, tweaking the pitch, and increasing or decreasing the speed. Upload your own imagery or videos, add music, and then sync it up with one of the platform’s 120+ AI voices, capable of “speaking” in more than 20 languages.


Priced from: $19 per month

Think of as the Swiss army knife of generative AI tools capable of creating various content types in minutes.

Want to design your own logo? The platform helps you build a complete brand identity kit based on over 10,000 icons, export your logo in multiple formats, and create your own style guidelines and brand narrative. Or, if you’re looking for a natural-sounding voiceover for your new video, you can use the tool’s built-in text-to-speech creator featuring 50+ natural-sounding voices and over a dozen languages.

And that’s just for starters because can also handle videos, mockups, banners, text, and more.

If that all sounds overwhelming, fear not: the platform also offers a suite of assistive tools — including a graphics-maker and color-matcher — to guide you on the creative journey.

24. ChatFlash

Priced from: Free

ChatFlash is a generative AI tool that uses a chat-based interface to create text content.

By which point you’re probably thinking: sounds exactly like ChatGPT.

However, neuroflash — the team behind ChatFlash — says there are some pretty compelling differences between the two platforms. For instance, ChatFlash features built-in SEO and a plagiarism checker. And it’s also capable of generating images, formatting text, exporting documents, and more.

Users can choose the role they want ChatFlash to perform as their conversational partner based on several “personalities” — including writing coach, advertiser, influencer, and SEO consultant. They can even create their own personality catered to your organization’s specific needs.

ChatFlash’s free plan allows you to generate 2,000 words per month. If you need more, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions, which start at €30 per month.

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Featured image by Freepik.

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