Whether you work at an agency like I do or are a member of an in-house team, generating engaging content is a driving force behind what we do for our organizations every day. Content for social media, websites, e-marketing, CRM campaigns, and more needs to be fresh and relatable to support marketing strategies and business goals. Feeding the ever-hungry content monster can seem daunting, for sure. But I have found four easy tips that help our writers keep churning out content that incentivizes engagement – without a ton of heavy lifting and creating content fatigue within your target audiences.

Tip 1: Repurpose high performing content

Got some long-form content like a white paper that worked well for your readers? Carve that content turkey and serve it up as an infographic or gif!

Tip 2: Stand out or stand down

There are so many ways to stand out online – from something as basic as using an authentic tone of voice free of jargon to borrowing from the tried-and-true soap opera structure by creating a serial story with chapters that leave them on the edge of their seats.

Tip 3: Fit storytelling into your communications strategy

According to the B2B Content Marketing Trends Report, “Customer testimonials and case studies are considered the most effective content marketing tactics.” These are stories, people! Why reinvent the wheel? If you have a happy customer, ask permission to reuse something nice they said about you online. It will carry a lot more weight than simply talking about yourself, and it’s virtually effortless to do.

Tip 4: Diversify your content

From websites to social media, emails, paid ads, and more, you can be strategic about your digital channels and see a lot more engagement for a lot less effort. Run your content across multiple channels, tweaking it appropriately for the platform, and see where the engagement is highest.

Now, put it all together! Make these tips work for you and your team as you develop fresh, and refreshed, content that engages your audience and leaves your writers feeling energized and creative every single day.

About the Author: Mary Olivieri is the EVP and Executive Creative Director at Colman Brohan & Davis, Inc. (CBD Marketing). She’s worked with national and global companies like Whirlpool Corporation, Firestone, Blue Diamond Almonds, Coca-Cola, Heineken USA, and many other B2C and B2B brands. With a background in improv from Chicago’s famed Second City, Mary “wears the hat” of the audience she is targeting, developing campaigns that resonate on an emotional level and drive business results. A copywriter by training, she and her teams have won numerous creative awards in categories as diverse as video, direct response marketing, advertising, print and digital collateral, website design, and development, short and long-form content.

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