Adrian Domocos is a marketer with 10+ years of experience in both large (multinational) and smaller companies (startups). At this moment, Adrian is the brand ambassador of Flipsnack (a company that has 4+ million users), one of the organizers of Digital Days, the largest digital marketing event in the Western part of Romania, and the founder of Hot in Social Media, an international digital marketing blog. The SMSsummit team was able to chat with Adrian about his experience building out the Hot in Social Media blog and what advice he has for other marketers interested in building out their own blog.

1. Why and when did you start the “Hot in Social Media” blog?

Adrian Domocos: I started the Hot in Social Media digital marketing blog with the idea to create one of the biggest communities where everyone can read and learn useful tips and news on social media from top marketers around the world. I also wanted to have a website where I could practice new SEO and digital marketing techniques. What I’ve seen to be the most effective I share via blog resources with other marketers.

Hot in Social Media’s blog was launched on a special day: December 12, 2012 (12.12.12) and has now more than 300 contributors!

2. Can you share some information on the digital marketing tools you’ve developed and currently sell through your blog?

Adrian Domocos: This year we’ve launched 2 easy-to-use and free tools:

  • Word Counter Tool – this word counter checker can help every student, content writer, marketer, or anyone who wants to see how many words, characters, or sentences within a specific piece of content.
  • Social Media Character Counter Tool – if you regularly post on different social media channels and you want to keep your character count in check, you will love this social media counter tool. This free counter tool will show you how many characters are left for the most popular social media networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Instagram at the same time.

3. What’s been the most rewarding aspect of having started Hot in Social Media from scratch?

Adrian Domocos: Although it’s a part-time personal project that I work on in my spare time, I’ve invested a lot of time in it – from 10 minutes to 10 hours every day – but it’s rewarding in many ways:

  • I get to practice and learn new SEO and digital marketing techniques that help me become a better digital marketer (at my full-time job)
  • I’m able to e-meet new well-known marketers, CEOs and founders from all over the world and learn new things from them
  • I’m proud to see how the Hot in Social Media community is growing every year and the interest I see from marketing leaders to be involved

4. What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a blog now?

Adrian Domocos: There were more than 500 million blogs in 2019, so it’s very hard to come up with something that differentiates you, but there will always be room for a passionate person with a unique view on something.

Whether you want to be a content writer, marketer, or the founder of a new e-commerce website, I strongly recommend you start a blog because no matter what, you’ll learn along the way. It’s not so important if you have just a few people reading your articles (at the beginning), because if you’re dedicated to putting out quality content on a consistent basis, you’ll see your subscribers grow.

5. What is your vision for Hot in Social Media in the years ahead?

Adrian Domocos: The main focus for the Hot in Social Media blog is to continue to grow our database of useful resources and blogs to help marketers perform their best, and ideally share with their colleagues. We hope to continue to grow our follower base, try new social media platforms, and develop new digital tools.

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