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The 9 Elements of a Successful Email

Startup Stock Photos

Strategy. Automation. Funnels. Copy. Visuals and programming. Open and Click Through Rates. Email marketing is a big topic with a lot of moving parts. To break down the process of email marketing and set your brand up for success at every step of the way, this is the first post of an email marketing series….

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A Tutorial On Creating Infographics For Non-Designers

In the fast-paced world of social media marketing, you may find yourself needing to wear many hats to get the job done. Graphic designer is often one of those hats. Maybe you need to have super awesome creative done by noon and don’t have time to wait for your design team to draft something up,…

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20 brands we think you should follow on Instagram

Instagram Profile

Brands today have challenged themselves to come up with content that is so visually focused since Instagram has taken over with 700 million active users. Brands want people to see their products and service and more importantly click on the links and go to the websites to convert to customers. Check out these brands that…

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17 Top Social Media Marketing Stories of 2017

media wheels

The end of the year is (somehow already) upon us, and that means it’s time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Below are a collection of the biggest social media updates, trends, and feel good moments from 2017. They can provide insights on what to do (and not to do) in…

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How to create a social media strategy that reaches millennials

Millennial Marketing Strategy

Millennials have become a trend on their own (and that isn’t just coming from someone in the generation). We have our own color (millennial pink), our own twitter trends (#thingsmillennialshavekilled) and even our own target market. If you aren’t taking advantage of the millennial age bracket in your social media strategy you are missing out…

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19 Social Media Campaign Ideas from Your Favorite Brands

Social media allows businesses both small and large to reach their audiences. You don’t have to have a giant budget to win at social media marketing, though! Here are 18 of the best social media campaigns from your favorite brands this year, along with the lessons you can use in your strategy. 1. Airbnb takes…

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How a brand can use experimental marketing

Creativity Has no Limits for experimental marketing

With so many brands trying to get customers attention many companies have started to participate in Experimental marketing. Brands are trying to get around people using ad blockers, no-commercial entertainment, and social media ads by creating situations that create direct connections and relationships with their customers. But, what is experimental marketing and how do you…

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How to optimize your blog posts for SEO

SEO optimization

Creating a blog post, doing the research, and crafting that witty first opening line is only half the battle. Optimizing your perfected blog post for SEO is the other half and is the key to having your content read. Here is the how-to guide to making sure that Google shows your content on the search…

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Should you be using a LinkedIn Showcase page?

LinkedIn Showcase Page

LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses. It is geared toward professionals and connections on there are with your colleagues, potential clients, and people that are in your industry. But businesses are now starting to have a showcase page instead of a personal page. Here we are going to talk about the benefits of a…

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How to Build and Maintain an Engaged Facebook Community Group

how to build a community

Facebook Pages used to be a lucrative way for brands to connect with customers on Facebook. However, pages have seen a decline in organic reach in recent years. One Facebook Engineering Director noted that organic reach rates for Pages could dip down to 2% on average. Ouch! This doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up…

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