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50 tools for social media marketers

Marketers talk a lot about strategy and how to implement it for social media marketing. The right tools can make all the difference. Here is a list of the top 50 tools to help you manage, deliver and optimize your social media marketing strategies. Agora Pulse Agora Pulse is one of the most affordable tools…

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4 awesome live video campaigns and what you can learn from them

The era of live video thus far has been both an exciting and scary time for marketers. The business case is glaringly clear: video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. People spend 3x longer watching video that’s live versus pre-recorded. What this means, though, is sharing raw, unedited content with hundreds, thousands, potentially…

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5 Product Styling Photo Ideas for Instagram

With its growing shoppable features and the increase in advertising options, Instagram is becoming more and more important for brands. The platform now has over 25 million business profiles, compared to just 15 million in July of 2017. And with this rising attention and competition on Instagram comes an increasing demand for exceptional visual content. The…

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15 free tools to help you write killer blog posts

As a writer, the creative cup does not always runneth over with awesome blog post ideas. This is especially true if you need to come up with quality ideas on a consistent basis. Enter the web, plus many marketers struggling with this same issue, and voila! Tons of awesome tools available to help you pack a punch…

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5 Amazing Tools to Start Your E-Commerce Business

tools for Ecommerce Business

With total revenue expected to show annual growth of 8.3%, there are a lot of good reasons to start an e-commerce store. That statistic puts the total U.S. e-commerce industry at about 652.417 million by 2022. But with a growing industry comes growing competition, and e-commerce stores must deliver an excellent experience both on-site and…

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How to Leverage Facebook Messenger for Lead Generation

It’s no secret that chatbot and AI technology has integrated itself into almost every aspect of business. This trend is changing the way businesses do customer service, finance, operations and marketing. Many brands, big and small, have begun implementing bots into their marketing strategy to facilitate lead generation. In the recent years, Facebook Messenger has…

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