Think about your car’s engine for a moment. Imagine you had all of the parts that are used to build an engine. Yet instead of assembling them, you simply dumped them inside your car. There’s absolutely no way that car will start — even though it has all of the necessary pieces that go into an engine. Now imagine you have your car’s engine assembled, except for two components. Even though 99 percent of the engine is there and properly assembled, your car won’t run well — if it does at all. That’s because, when it comes to complex machines, it’s not enough for them to be almost complete. The same principle applies to your Internet marketing campaign’s lead generation component. It’s the engine that should be driving new customers to your business, but you may be trying to drive it without it being correctly constructed.

The specialists at professional SEO services agency Straight North have spent a lot of time studying what makes successful lead generation campaigns work. In doing so, we’ve taken them apart and examined them piece by piece, identifying the common elements that make them work and how they should be put together. Thanks to that research, we’ve created a type of blueprint that Internet marketers can follow to ensure that their campaigns are built correctly for the best possible results.

This blueprint of what we’ve deemed the ecosystem of lead generation is presented below. We believe it can serve as an incredibly useful tool for Internet marketers because lead generation campaigns are, by their nature, highly complex machines. Whether you’re building one from scratch or working to optimize an existing campaign, it’s essential to know exactly what you need to include and how to fit everything together. With this blueprint as your guide, you can be more confident that your lead generation engine won’t be missing any crucial parts.



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