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10 Tools to Help You Run A Successful Influencer Marketing Program

Over four-fifths of marketers who run influencer campaigns believe working with influencers is an effective way to achieve their marketing goals, according to research from the Influencer Marketing Hub (IMH). But there are no guarantees in marketing. Running a successful influencer marketing program is difficult, so it’s vital you use the right tools to find…

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7 Crucial Considerations for Creating Winning Social Media Content for Your Brand

Investing in social media content should be a no-brainer for businesses trying to reach, engage, and convert their target audiences. Especially considering that people spend an average of 2 hours and 26 minutes daily using social media. However, the harsh truth is that creating winning social media content for your brand can be challenging. It…

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Top 10 Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing has always been one of the most effective strategies for reaching new audiences. But it isn’t just about engagement; influencers can drive real action. Almost half of consumers say they’ve bought products promoted by influencers, while over one-third believe influencer posts are the best way for brands to persuade customers to try new…

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How to Find The Best Influencer For Your Brand

Remember when influencer marketing was a hot new trend? Those days are long gone. Today, it’s become integral to many brands’ marketing strategies — and it’s only getting more popular. Google Trends data shows that search interest around influencer marketing has increased fourfold in the past five years: Image source It’s no surprise that Influencer…

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Interview with Influencer Summit Speaker, Joel Beckett, CEO of The Outloud Group

The Influencer Summit team had the change to talk with Joel Beckett, CEO of The Outloud Group, a Detroit-based influencer marketing agency, about the value of influencer marketing, the opportunity it presents for brands, and how brands should think about influencer marketing as a full-funnel strategy. Tell us more about how your educational background led…

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Interview with Influencer Summit Emcee and Speaker, Jim Tobin, CEO of Carusele

Jim Tobin, CEO of Carusele

The Influencer Summit team had the chance to sit down with Jim Tobin, president and founder of Carusele, the leading influencer marketing company for consumer brands and retailers. We asked him a few questions about what makes an influencer campaign work, how to create a meaningful influencer marketing strategy, and what he wishes influencers would…

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Interview with SMSsummit Speaker Danielle Wiley of Sway Group

SMSsummit producer Breanna Jacobs had the honor of meeting with Danielle Sway, CEO of Sway Group, an influencer marketing agency with offices with headquarters in San Francisco and staff across the country. In her interview, Danielle shares about how Sway Group started, how they work with their network of influencers, and what she’ll be speaking…

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10 Great Examples of How Brands are Leveraging Micro-Influencers

Micro-Influencer Best Practices

These days, influencer marketing is just about everywhere. It’s difficult to go onto Instagram or YouTube without being inundated with examples of brands using influencers to tap into a new audience. Why is this marketing tactic so popular? Because it works. According to the 2019 State of Influencer Marketing, 57% of marketers reported that influencer…

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7 Must-Know Tips for Effective Influencer Outreach

Influencer Marketing Best Practices

The rise of influencer marketing was a fast one. 2016 saw the explosive growth of macro influencers and celebrities in marketing campaigns. By 2017, the market saw the need for micro-influencers – those with followings between 10,000 and 500,000. Partnering with micro-influencers became the best practice for brands hoping to get the most “bang for…

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