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10 Ways Government Agencies Can Get the Most Out of Their Facebook Page

Local, federal, and national governments on social media have a tough job. They need to educate their audiences, build trust, communicate essential information, and respond to complaints and queries. When it comes to reaching and engaging audiences, Facebook is still hard to beat. According to Pew Research Center, seven in ten Americans use the platform,…

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10 Government Agencies Killing it on TikTok

TikTok might not be the first channel that springs to mind regarding government social media. The video platform’s most popular content categories include topics like entertainment, dance, and pranks – not necessarily the sort of thing you’d expect a government agency to be posting. There are lots of other social platforms, and you likely don’t…

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How Government Agencies Can Keep Their Communities Engaged in Creative Ways [VIDEO]

Government social media

Government agencies can leverage social media to share (sometimes critically) important information with their communities. With the plethora of social media channels and content formats available, finding creative ways to get that content out that will engage and inform can be challenging – but it’s also an incredible opportunity to share your agency’s work in…

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How Government Agencies Can Best Engage Their Communities on Facebook

Government, political, and advocacy agencies all play an important role in the world: they work to keep people safe and informed. Facebook can be a helpful resource in that mission. Your ability to build an online community and share updates with your constituents on Facebook has never been stronger. People want to hear from their…

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Why P2P Texting Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2021

As we head into 2021, marketers are reflecting on how much consumer behavior has changed over the course of the last year. Isolation and physical distancing have forced us to embrace technology now more than ever; newfound importance has been infused into community building; growing support for local businesses has emerged. These trends, likely to…

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