Email marketing is still one of the highest driving channels for many brands to acquire and engage new customers. Thousands of dollars are invested in email marketing every day.It is obvious that as social media marketing grows, email marketing isn’t going anywhere.

So, should marketers align social and email marketing to drive more engagement? In our opinion, the answer is: Yes! Definitely!

First things first. Aligning your social media and email content can create a branded, synchronized message that your audience sees. Between your email list and your social audience, it is important to have a consistent image that comes to people’s mind when they think about your brand. Of course, length, copy, size of the image should be changed to fit the platform. There should be one overlaying theme across all content that you post online and send directly to your audience.

Another reason to align your marketing efforts is to extend the potential reach of your email and to grow your subscriber list. As people share your emails and your social posts, your brand reaches a new, fresh audience that could be converted into new buyers! No marketer can tell you honestly that they have a 100% open and read rate on email, there are just people that don’t open marketing emails. By posting on social media with the same message, you open the possibility of keeping current customers engaged while attracting new customers. According to TowerData, “when contacts see the same consistent messaging within your app, in-store, on direct mail and via email, your brand is more likely to remain top-of-mind.”

Aligning your messaging across all platforms is a must! Ideally, this is how you want your customer to see your brand. They go on Facebook and see your ad and click off to the brand’s website which is has the same feel and look—creating a seamless digital experience. They click away, not ready to buy, but are on your email list and receive a promo email with the same look as the ad and recognize your brand, leading them to make a purchase!

Lastly, aligning your social and email allows for more connectivity with your audience. Each network and platform promotes audience connection—only in a different way.

Since Engagement is what marketers are after, the first thing to focus on is getting the message front and center with the right audience at the right time! Cue social media! Engage your email list in a specific content message, then prompt them to share that content on social media. Those who are not on your email list will want to subscribe immediately!

With that in mind, take a look at these two brands who are integrating email and social media in an awesome way:

  1. Chobani
Chobani Facebook Ad

Chobani Facebook Ad

This is a great example from Chobani. The Ad, itself, is super cool and engaging—it is a video that announces new yogurt flavor and a new brand packaging. The imagery is clean and not overwhelming. The navigation is clear. The use of the video (although not optimized for auto-play) engages contacts in a new way.

The ad links you back to their website so you can see their new flavor promotion. This also encourages you to check out the new packaging. You can see that they entice you to sign up for their newsletter and “keep in touch” about the new Chobani!

Chobani Landing Page

Chobani Landing Page

Their newsletter promotes the same idea— announcing new flavors and leading you to the website for all the details! All channels have the same messaging and directs your interest to the same place.


  1. Fabletics
Fabletics Facebook

Fabletics Facebook Post


This Facebook post from Fabletics is all about their new give-away. They are promoting their partner as well ClassPass and leading their followers to the link to enter to win. Not long after this post was made, I received an email with a way to enter their contest as well.

Fabletics Email

Fabletics Email

Although the image may be different the slogan and the reason for the email/post is the same. They also use some of the same colors so their customers can recognize the brand.

Obvious Plus—announcing a free giveaway!


Simply put, being active on social media helps your brand awareness. When people see your social media posts, ads, and email campaigns, there should be a clear central message around all three to help convert a casual visitor into an actual customer.

How have you integrated your social and email marketing? We would love to know so share with us below and don’t miss out on any of our new blog posts by subscribing to our #SMSsummit newsletter!

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