Coming up with content ideas for your social media can be time-consuming! As marketers, we have all stared at our screen and used every ounce of our creative energy and come up empty-handed. We know that social media can improve our customer retention so we want to take advantage… obviously.

Here is a comprehensive list of content that you can add to your calendar.


This is a great tool if you just don’t feel like writing. Which happens. Shoot a quick, 1-minute video either announcing a new product, showing a demo, or a testimonial from a customer. Take advantage of the easy to use video tools on social media and release content that lets your customers feel like a part of your brand.

Book Reviews

Most every industry has a book that has been published. Go ahead and take the time to read and review for your audience.

Our suggestion when reviewing a book:

  • What did the author want to achieve and did they?
  • What was the central message and take away?
  • How did you change your view or take action after reading the book?


If you have a lot of templates and worksheets that you could put together… why not have your audience sign up for a mini-course. This drives people to your website and gives you a lead generation (win-win). Put together the templates/worksheets in an order that allows an end goal. Then send them out every week (or even every day).


This is along the same lines as a mini-course you do need some content, to begin with. Even better if you have a case-study or someone that wants to write it with you. Releasing an Ebook can do 2 things for you: lead generation and authority within the industry. Both are great perks!


Reach out to a customer or an influencer and see if they will give you some time to interview them. You can either do a video or a recording which can later be converted into a podcast (another great platform to take advantage of).


Use photos and imagery to describe a step by step process. People respond better to images so, take advantage and give a comprehensive guide… visually.


We all like to take a little motivation from the influencers in our industry. Quoting and tagging them is a great piece of content that also extends your reach. Give them a shoutout and say that you agree with what they say or take the other route and challenge them to start an interesting industry conversation.

Go Live

Have a fun event coming up or a cool new product that you could show off? Go live and let people see your personality real time. You can always do a Q&A session that is live as well to let your customers ask their burning questions and get their answers quickly.


A great way to generate a lot of buzz is a contest. People love free stuff especially when they win a contest against their peers.


Let your followers in on when your brand started and how it has evolved. People love to hear why and how you created the brand that they follow.


You are more than likely to have lots of questions whether they are around a new product, how to order your products, comparing you against competitors ect. It is best to hold FAQ on Facebook live or Instagram Live and address burning questions that your customers seem to have all the time. Plus new questions might pop up that can lead to a new product or a way to market… you never know!

Current News

Use what is going on in the world to create a piece of content that is relevant to your followers and potentially new ones that follow that type of news. Of course, stay within your industry or something that relates to your products because you always to stay on brand and provide value to your followers.

Your employees

Your employees are the best piece of content because they usually represent your brand is the best possible light! Celebrate an employees birthday or something fun that is happening in their lives. Use them for your tutorials, ask them to try out products, review, and tell your followers what they prefer.

Praise someone

Do you have a customer that has bought a lot of your products recently and always engages with you? Highlight them and create a piece of content on why they use your products with a testimonial or a video that shows off how much they love your brand.


Seasons are universal and everyone knows they are happening… use that to your advantage. Create holiday promotional materials, highlight products that are great for the holiday coming up, and celebrate new seasons.


Use your content again… of course, let some time pass before your recycle your content but there is no harm to reusing. #Tbt is the greatest time to throwback to an old post, event, or product that your brand had. Just change up the copy for the post and it is like a whole new one. We suggest picking a piece that was really popular that way your new followers aren’t missing out on your best content.

Use your Slogan

Do you have a great slogan or phrase that people associate with your brand? Create a piece of content around it! You can either put it on a cool photo you took, explain how you came up with the slogan and why it represents the brand or even a video montage of customers saying your slogan.


Most likely you have been creating content and don’t want to necessarily recycle one piece or have been doing that already so an easy way to get your content out there again is to do a round-up post. Pick your favorite pieces of content from a certain time period (ie. last month, last 6 months, last year, last week, etc.) and do a post highlighting them!


Ask a recent customer to give you a testimonial about your product. Offer a future discount for a great quote, or answer specific questions or a video interview. This is a great way for future customers to see that real people like your products. It creates a very reliable brand!

Think about using influencers for awesome testimonials. Not sure how to begin?

– Compile a list of influencers for your industry

– Think about how to reach out whether that be sending them complimentary products, reaching out via email, or DMing them on social media

– Ask specific questions about your products.. guide them to quotes that you want to publish

– Make sure when you post that you tag them!!


Want to know how your followers are feeling? Hold a poll on social media! Give away a prize and pick from the people that answer your poll, have a funny poll that is relatable to a current event or hold a personal poll about what product you should use yourself. Those are just a few ideas to get you started but you can do polls on Instagram stories or Twitter (those are the best platforms to try!)

I hope those helped you come up with some new ideas for your social media. I know that running in writer’s block is the WORST and it happens to everyone so now you have a comprehensive list you can rely on to help you overcome that obstacle.


Do you have a great piece of content? Share it with us at #SMSsummit or know of another category of content that we don’t share with us below in the comments.. we love to hear from you!

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