Valentine’s Day is a chance for brands to connect with their customers and share in the spirit of love, generosity, and overall appreciation. From tweeting a Valentine’s Day wish to your followers or sharing in a fundraiser, brands take this holiday as a chance to show their appreciation for their customers and community as a whole.

Here are 14 examples of how brands and organizations have used social media for their Valentine’s Day campaigns.


1. Travelex

Who doesn’t like a free vacation? Travelex has created an online contest that is completely user-generated content inspired.

The company has encouraged couples from around the world to send in their most romantic travel photos with the hashtag #TravelexKiss.

The best submission will be given 2 round-trip tickets to the most romantic city in the world, Paris.

Giving people the ability to upload from Twitter, Facebook, or directly through their website, Travelex has leveraged all of their major outlets to drive the interaction of their awesome Valentine’s Day campaign.


Travelex Valentine's Day Campaign


2. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts has created (yet another) great user generated content campaign with their recent Valentine’s Day celebration.

They encouraged their customers to compete in a “Dunkin’ Love” Instagram contest, streaming on Facebook live, and having Snapchat Geofilters at certain Dunkin’ Donuts Locations. This type of campaign showed their customers creative side while also showing off their themed donuts. Win-Win.


Dunkin Donuts Valentine's Day Campaign

3. Netflix

Netflix used the power of video marketing to hilariously tell a story of a guy who will do whatever it takes to know exactly what his crush is watching. A little on the stalker side. But relatable to anyone who has had a crush.

4. Lush

Why buy one Valentine’s Day gift for your spouse, when you can buy two or three? The handmade cosmetics company Lush shows holiday bundling done right with color and creative packages that appeal to a variety of emotions—from silly puppy dog crushes to romantic passion and cute compliments.

Their great messaging paired with excellent wrapping shows any product can be packaged as the perfect romantic holiday solution. Their product language is also on-point! Cupid’s Arrow, I only have Eyes for you, Lots of Love, and bundles that scream Valentine’s Day to their customers.

Lush Valentine's Day Campaign


5. Oreo

We all have those awkward romantic moments where we don’t know what to say. And these are the times when we want to have something on hand to break the ice. Enter cookie brand Oreo, with its series of funny shorts claiming that its Red Velvet Oreos can do just that.


6. T-Mobile

T-Mobile stole our hearts with their insanely creative break-up letter campaign that asked users to write to their cell phone companies with reasons why they were leaving for T-Mobile.

Not only was it a catchy and creative way to get users involved, but they could use real customer feedback to understand their customers’ pain points so they could better leverage these for their own needs.


T-Mobile Valentine's Day Campaign


7. Sour Patch Kids

While most brands focus on couples during Valentine’s Day, candy maker Sour Patch decided to instead go after the single ones with their “Singles Awareness Day” campaign in 2001. The brand encouraged followers to tweet their biggest romantic mishaps using the hashtag #SPKSAD.

8. Whole Foods

Whole Foods has teamed up with some food blogging influencers to share recipes for a holiday all about indulgences with a loved one. Their blog post frames the holiday campaign perfectly.

So far they’ve shared the blog post itself on their Facebook page and an appetizer and dessert recipe on Instagram. This is a great example of how a brand can share content piecemeal across platforms for a campaign, never outright repeating what they’re sharing so the audience doesn’t get bored, but making sure everyone gets a chance to see it enough times that their curiosity gets the better of them and it results in a clickthrough (and maybe more).

SMSS Chicago Event Ad

9. Dairy Queen

Just as shown in this video by Dairy Queen, all women really want is a SPOON—the one specifically made for eating an ice cream cake. This hilarious campaign pokes fun at the traditional Valentine’s Day jewelry ads and brings us back to a mutual love – ice cream.

10. Hertz

Everyone wants to have that dream Valentine’s date. But, there are just times when, even with all that planning, the date just turns out bad. In 2015 car rental company Hertz decided to become a savior of those failed romantic moments by offering a couple the chance to redo it via their Dream Date Rewind promo.

Dream Date Rewind - hertz Valentine's Day Campaign

11. Starbucks & EHarmony

Valentine’s dates are often considered the main event for the occasion. Which is why it wasn’t surprising that coffee shop chain Starbucks and dating website made this their 2015 joint campaign.

What was unique was the campaign’s aim of getting the biggest coffee date record. They posted on a daily basis to keep customer interest up until the February 13 event date. The two companies based the campaign on Twitter, where they both have a large following.


Eharmony & Starbucks Valentine's Day Campaign

12. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut scoops the title of ‘Least Romantic Valentine’s Proposition Ever.’ The fast food giant ran a limited edition $10,010 engagement package, which included a ring, a fireworks display and limo service. And, of course, a pizza dinner box

Pizza Hut also launched their Last Minute Lovers campaign. To join the contest, users just have to tweet using the hashtag #LastMinuteLovers to Pizza Hut’s official twitter account.

The thing that makes this ad campaign really unique was the prizes up for grabs. The brand also threw in a bottle of their own perfume to complete the package. Trying to imagine what a bottle of Pizza Hut-branded perfume smells like is surely weird. But many still sent in their entries and get a shot at the prize.


13. Etsy

Etsy knows that its craft marketplace is a goldmine for unique Valentine’s Day gifts, so it’s empowering sellers to promote holiday sales with their Valentine’s campaign tips. Etsy provides directions for downloading and distributing its promotional image across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

14. Uber

The on-demand car service had a loving Valentine’s day campaign titled #RomanceOnDemand.

Oozing affection with the ideal Valentine’s gift. This love-filled video marketing advert makes it clear that one definite way to a woman’s heart is through a bouquet of red roses. With Uber you can go the extra mile and have them delivered straight to her door. Talk about a romantic gesture!


Romance on Demand


We hope that these Valentine’s Day campaigns help spark a little inspiration for your next holiday themed campaign. Share with us below if you really liked a Valentine’s Day campaign from this year or what your brand did.

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